We Came Close.

As of this writing, election results are still coming in and it looks like we're going to come up just short. Congratulations to the democratic nominees: Sachin Hebbar and Michelle Guyton. Please remember to vote on Nov 6, 2018.

We ran a scrappy grassroots campaign that hustled tirelessly. I'm proud of everyone who made this a competitive race despite long odds.

Thanks to all the voters who believed in my campaign. Seriously, thank you. I've met lots of interesting people from all sorts of backgrounds along the way. Some of you invited me into your homes and shared your personal stories. Others donated their time, bottles of water, or other resources. Others from the opposite party politely took my flyers for their spouse. Thank you too.

Running to be your representative in the General Assembly has been an honor and an incredibly humbling experience. I've learned a lot from you all. 

Until next time, thank you.

-Dan, June 27, 2018


Please keep in touch with us. We will still be around on Facebook mostly, and you can still reach out on Instagram and Twitter.